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Allure’s Approach to Reconstructive Surgery

allure_logo_concept7Finding out you have skin cancer is frightening.  There are many unknowns, and beating the cancer is your main concern and goal.  But what about when the cancer is gone?  What about the toll that the cancer and its treatments have taken on your skin?  What can you do?  Allure Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery is dedicated to developing customized treatment plans for skin cancer survivors that will restore health and confidence.

What is skin cancer reconstructive surgery?

Skin cancer reconstructive surgery is used to repair damaged tissues, rebuild body parts, and restore form and function to the areas affected by skin cancer. Skin cancer reconstructive surgery can range from scar revision, micodermabrasion, resurfacing and rebuilding compromised body structures such as the ears, nose, eyelids, or lips.

What’s the goal?

The goal is to restore appearance and utility to the parts of the body that are affected by skin cancer growths.

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